You can teach skill but you can’t teach character.

I learned this when searching for a replacement for myself before graduating college. There was an abundance of talent clamoring to interview with me—which initially seemed promising—but it became clear no amount of talent could hide character flaws or shortcomings. Yes, my replacement needed to be skilled in order to teach their fellow man but, more than that, they needed to be helpful, humble, approachable, kind, firm, honest, and filled to the brim with integrity. It didn’t matter how much they knew or how well they knew it. I could teach them everything they needed to do, but not everything they needed to be.

It's because of this I make an excellent candidate. I may lack experience but my character is all there. I operate with the utmost integrity in all that I do. I work diligently both on my own and in a team. Able to give and receive critique graciously, I work well with others. I have fun but I know how to get down to business. I stay positive and maintain my composure under pressure. Rather than complain, I do my best to encourage and find solutions. Perhaps the most employable thing about me, however, is my teachable spirit. I accept wisdom from wherever and whomever it comes. I am adamant that I will never know enough and there will always be more to learn.

For being a creative, I possess the polar opposite of a stereotypical creative personality. The best career matches for my personality type are lawyer, scientist, and researcher. I divulge this to explain a unique role I can fulfill within an art team: surge protector. I love the electricity of the ideation process as much as anyone—that’s why I am a concept artist. But as I have experienced many times, a room full of artists can ideate until they blow the circuits. Ideas are bounced, improved, deconstructed, rebuilt, expanded, refurbished, embellished, and, oops, now there’s only time to do a fraction of what was discussed. As a surge protector, I conduct electricity while preventing blown circuits. I can be the guiding voice that keeps the collective mind on track, ever conscious of deadlines, constraints, budgets, and the laws of time and space.

So I am asking you to take a chance. Because I could be exactly who you need.