"He was sure that his new found friends had qualms about running from a fight, whether it be undignified or dishonorable, but Silas was absolutely unashamed of fleeing from battle. So he did."

About This Project (2016)

I possess an insatiable drive to get things done. To-do lists perpetually haunt my consciousness. Pending responsibilities plague my waking thoughts. Incomplete tasks keep me up at night. This is the persistent anxiety of day to day living. When it comes to art, the anxiety doesn’t cease until the idea is reality, the inspiration is lost, the passion dies, or the dream is forgotten.

So I knew I was in trouble when an idea that was not so easily brought to life was formed and refused to be forgotten. On the contrary, the inspiration came in droves and my own passion grew exponentially. My idle consciousness was relentlessly consumed with improving this idea. Standing ten years in the future, I now understand this was far from my own doing.

God gave me a story to tell—through words and images alike—and that is what I intend to do no matter how long it takes. In the last decade, God gifted me the patience and peace to allow this story to grow on its own terms and flourish in its own time.

I speak from a changed spirit when I say I am prepared to wait another decade—perhaps two or three—for this story to be marked complete. I am willing to give up my control, release my anxiety, and suppress my get-it-done nature for the joy of this story that is mine to tell.

Displayed on here is a vulnerable glimpse of my progress. May it encourage you to embrace that which God has called you with patience, persistence, and peace.

Never stop.